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June 21, 2007



happy birthday beautiful!!!

you lucky girl you, with a brand spanking new pfaffy!


I hear you on the no excuse front. I had a more me day than i have had in a loooooong time; work and a 3 hour hair cut of which i loved nearly every moment. i think we have made some parenting choices that require much of our time and energy - extended breastfeeding being a big one. i have some cleansing info to share which will hopefully help with increasing energy. i hope we can connect next week so i can show you and i have a bday gift for you as well and your pinking shears too! i'm happy to come to your hood for a change and join you in your routine. It's nice to find a flow and the littles seem to thrive in it.
Hmmm mamamade collective once again! Sounds great. i'll be stopping by to hang out for sure, doubtful that i'll have any stock but who knows? I do have a weekend pass and i've never really spent much time on the inside of the festival for the pure sake of the music. i figure i should indulge this year.

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