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June 11, 2007



anna, i'm sorry to hear about the co-op . . . i hope you're not too bummed.

it's hard mothering a rugrat, isn't it?! they drive us nutso but we love em . . . more than anything. big hugs to you, sweet anna.


Sorry about the co-op thing. i wonder what bigger and better opportunity is brewing for you?

There's some pretty cool things going on in your neighborhood this weekend; street fest on the drive!

Bodhi is so obviously full of love and fills me with laughter to see him bursting full of it! You are so patient and gentle with him. It's inspiring.

Thank you sooooooo much for babysitting this AM. i really appreciate it. Please let me know if i can do the same for you sometime. Arlo talked about you 2 for the rest of the day and after a long nap he wanted to return to the park.


Thanks mamas, you two can always cheer me up!

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