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July 27, 2007



a steam/massage is an absolute perfect gift for a mama of a toddler, isn't it!! anna it's so great to hear that you were able to relax a bit and have some time to yourself ~ it's something that we mamas almost always neglect to do.

yeah meltdowns ~ bloody friggin' meltdowns!!! :) they can be sooooo INCREDIBLY tough to deal with. cedar has been having the worst ones he has ever had (screaming uncontrollably/freaking out for 45 minutes in a row. at the end of it his poor little body is so drained. thankfully, though, they have been sporatic and not on a daily basis). big hugs to you and sweet, challenging little b. i've been upping cedar's iron intake with floradix in smoothies, hoping that that might help, as anemia in little guys is actually VERY common. have you considered that? i find too that lots of protein-rich meals and snacks seem to help (like six little meals/day plus snacks, instead of 3 big meals), along with lots of rest, which is easier said than done. however you feel, just know that you're not alone ~ and that it's a stage in development that will eventually pass. plus, hey, it's a good indication that he's going to be one helluva strong and independant guy when he's older . . . which is a great thing, don't ya think?!

such cute little chub pics :)



oh Anna what a lovely and well deserved gift!
i agree with Jane's thoughts on anemia and find that little A's meltdown moments are largely due to lack of protein and need for sleep. How about some cooling foods to subdue the fire; there's a list on p.22 of the old Paul Pitchford. Let me know if you want a copy. Keep going back to that blissful memory of the spa!!
What sweet photos of our boys! i've seen both of them still wearing those shirts and they seem to fit better now that they've slimmed out.


Thanks mamas. You guys always have the best advice.


I just rediscovered your blog and am loving it. Not only are you creative but you write really well, too. I'm moved by your posts and impressed with how mature and together you are. I'll be back!

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