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September 20, 2007



i've always thought little sacha was so precious. i especially love his wild carrot-top. thanks for posting the link to sarah's site ~ it's very timely for me as i'm wanting to get back into making dolls.


could i? should? get into doll making with so much on my plate already. i think for now i'll file that link aside since i do indeed have a gorgeous Anna made doll as well as a Moonchild lovely and a Bamboletta on the wish list.
i like this post. a lot. Looks like Sacha's sharing the family bed. You make the best stuff!


sacha is so dear! thanks for posting such a treasure trove of resources.

Christina Platt

Thanks so much for the shout out Anna! I *love* making the dolls so much, I'm excited about the Christmas season ahead :) Sacha is a beautiful doll, you can see love oozing out of him! I love his hair, carrot topped dolls are my favorite! Sarah's doll's patterns are great, she is very easy to understand and a wonderful lady as well, have you seen her dvd?

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