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October 15, 2007



vintage marimekko ~ very cool! they make great fabric: i've been lusting after the marimekko birch tree panel for ages (http://store.txtlart.com/kaikupink.html).


i swear my mom had a vintage marimeko dress. i can't wait to see that blanket close up.
B is looking pretty tired. A slept well after our playdate.


Some years ago a roomate of mine discovered my fabric stash in a box in our garage just at the time he decided to put up curtains. Of all the pieces he took a blue swirly Marimeko that I had adopted from my mom (she was a fabric collector too) and stapled, Yes, STAPLED, it up. When he took it down he pulled from the bottom and tore it to pieces. Grrrr...Some people! I still have it though.

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