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December 13, 2007


Midlife Traveller

Good to "see" you back here!




That sounds quite intense, don't know how you keep up the creating part Anna! Hope you don't pressure yourself too much into creating handmade gifts for Christmas though, your body is creating the biggest gift at the moment. take good care of yourself.


yeah, a post! i missed you :) thanks so much for having us over the other day . . . it was lovely.


Hey mama, the news is out. So good. I am not doing well with the gift making and the days are fast approaching. i'm trying to let it go. it really is ok not to make things for everyone. Arlo has worked on a few gifts for friends so heads up they are Arlo made!
i haven't been feeling so inspired with photos lately either. It's just so dark and grey most of the time. i'm enjoying more B/W. it's very forgiving.
i'm up for a mellow meeting some time this week. We're happy to come to you but Little A still can't stand or walk so it would have to be a sit down or stroller visit. My arms are aching!!
so good to see you posting again. i missed the reading.


Congrats Anna!
I hope you get a chance to take it easy soon.


This is such a busy time. To be exhausted and depleted from baby "manufacturing" and caring for a boisterous toddler (you are a busy mama!), I hope you can find the time to re-energize!!

Merry Ho Ho and congrats on your sweet news (even tho I knew already, hee)!

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