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January 10, 2008



that's great to see him working at his easel! he seems quite passionate about it. enjoy!

like you, we read tons of stories on rainy days. Lief enjoys games and initiates them, for example he invites me to chase him around or wrestle and he loves to be pushed around on his four-wheeled bike.

But I find it's hard to stay inside for the whole day, so we put on raincoats and hats, Lief goes in the backpack and we explore the forest with all it's rich coverings: moss, lichen, ferns. Lief loves that and calms down in that environment.


Here's my list:


Most of these are good for rainy days as it rains much of the year here!

Ally Bjornson

where did you find a cool school?


Well, I can hardly add to Beth's list - holy! It makes me realize how stagnant I've become and need to start getting creative again.

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