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January 29, 2008


shelley caskey

i love your little felted pond! beautifully done. :) and congratulations on your pregnancy! what wonderful news. :) oh and yes, please share your collection of waldorf dolls - we've started a trend! :)

Ally Bjornson

Your belly is so cute! I can't believe you are at 20 weeks already. Your pregnancy seems to be going so much faster than mine. I know - that makes no sense.


look at that cute belly. lovin the tea towels too.

Mama Stone

Everything is so cute :) Towels, pond and baby belly.
I've never tried needlefelting, is it difficult?


Oh, the belly! I loved when I started to show.. it made me feel less like I just looked like I had a beer gut. What wonderful things you have been making - I always wanted to learn how to needle felt.


yes, the belly, the blossoming belly!! i'm giddy with excitement for you guys (as you already know!). what a great little pond. with that and your mushroom hut, i'm hankering to make some playscapes now. i'm diggin' the tea towels too, and especially like the neutral pears and peas ~ lovely!


Oh my gosh! You're pregnant - Congrats! So happy for you!

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