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February 08, 2008



I'm the sicky in our family at the moment.
I'm currently thinking of filling a wool sock with rice, zapping it & adding some Eucalyptus oil. Then bed. Glorious bed...Xxx
(ps. I'm gunna pinch your ideas too!)


good to hear you guys are on the up. i tried calling a couple times (no messages). Sounds like you guys took pretty good care. in the early stage of a cold, with a sore throat i like to drink hot ginger tea while in a hot bath, get a good sweat going and then go straight to bed. i always give Arlo echinacea when others around us are sick with colds.
i love the shot with the wool longies hanging down.

Mama Stone

I'm glad you are all feeling better :)


these are great suggestions. sorry i can't help! what a handsome little guy you have! how fun!

Sherman Unkefer

Great suggestions! i love the shot with the wool lingoes hanging down. Looks like fun.

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